1. throttle sensor classification:

Throttle sensors can be divided into two categories: contact type and non-contact type.

2. The introduction of the core components:

The contact throttle sensor is mainly composed of the brush plate, the resistance piece and the torsion spring. The non - contact throttle sensor is composed of a chip, a magnet and a torsion spring.

3. Introduction of the principle of work:

The throttle position sensor is installed on the throttle valve body, which converts the opening angle of the throttle valve into the form of voltage signal for ECU to collect. The ECU can read the change of voltage signal to know the load state of the automobile engine to match the reasonable fuel injection.

4. Introduction of failure:

4.1. If the product is damaged, there will be a fault alarm lamp on the automobile instrument. It is easy to extinguish when the vehicle is difficult to start, the idle speed is unstable, the acceleration is bad, and the cruise is bad.
4.2, using the computer board detection, there will be the throttle position sensor fault code.
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