1. Classification of temperature sensors:

There are two main types of temperature sensors: the intake manifold temperature sensor and the coolant temperature sensor.

2. The introduction of the core components:

2.1. The temperature sensor is mainly composed of the shell and the NTC thermistor or the PTC thermistor.

3. Introduction of the principle of work:

The working principle of intake manifold temperature sensor and coolant temperature sensor is similar. When the external temperature changes, the resistance changes with the temperature, and the resistance changes into voltage value. ECU can know the temperature of the relevant parts of the car according to the voltage, and then modify the injection quantity to reach the goal. To the best.

4. Introduction of failure:

4.1. After the product is damaged, there will be a fault alarm lamp on the automobile instrument. When the vehicle is used, it will be difficult to start, unstable idle speed and excessive exhaust emissions.
4.2, using computer detection will appear the relevant temperature sensor fault code.。
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